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Project Financing

We work closely with our clients to attain financial closure of various greenfield and brownfield projects across India. The firm has assisted clients in project financing across multiple sectors and been able to get favourable term sheet with lowest interest rates and maximum repayment schedule thereby making the project more viable and giving comfort to the promotor. 

Services rendered include the following:

  • Preparing Detailed Project Report (DPR) 

  • Understanding optimum Equity and Debt levels

  • In depth Financial Projections

  • Extensive documentation work for FI's/Banks on behalf of the client 

  • Ensuring timely disbursement of loans 


We understand that various corporates due to change in business environment have to restructure their current business operations to sustain in the long term.


Services offered are as follow:

  • Financial Statement Analysis

  • Understanding current business problem

  • Forecasting the future detailed business plan 

  • Understanding the optimum level of debt a business can sustain

  • Restructuring current banking arrangement with existing lenders

In today's world where Corporates are figuring out ways to reduce various ways to improve profitability due to intense competition. We advise corporates on reducing Interest burden (Financial Cost) by advising them on various structured financial products, which would both in the short term and long term not only improve the bottom line but also has a positive impact on the top line.

Some of the services offered are:

  •  Reduction in cost of borrowing-Finding the correct lender who might value the business and offer reduced ROI

  • Structured Products

  • Increase in tenure for existing Term loans thereby increasing cash flow liquity



We advise clients on various debt products, which are required in the day to day operations of the business. 


Some of the frequent debt products that we advise our clients are as follow:

  • Working Capital Limits 

  • Bill Discounting 

  • Term Loans

  • Corporate Loans

  • Non Fund Based Limits ( ILC/FLC, BG's, SBLC)

  • Standby Line of Credit 

Debt Solutions
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